One Zero Bank

Conceptualized and executed video performance marketing campaign for One Zero, Israel's leading digital bank.
A/B testing diverse presenters (live-action & UGC) resonated with specific target audiences.
The campaign tackled traditional banking pain points, showcasing One Zero's user-friendly solutions through creative storytelling and strong visual hooks. This audience-centric approach resulted in a successful campaign, driving brand awareness and customer acquisition.

KVC Studio

Creative Direction: Sharon Cohen 
Creative Strategy: Sharon Cohen and Jonathan Karmi
Copywriting: Sharon Cohen, Ginat Yaakov
Directors: Shai Cohen, Sharon Cohen, Maya Aviram
Production: KVC Studio
Cinematography: Avner Mayer, Maya Aviram
Offline Editors: Gala Kaplon, Tamar Gelman
Motion Graphics: Omri Steigman, Lena Usiatynskaia
Online Editor: Ran Eisankraft 
Styling: Sharon Sirota
Hair and Makeup: Michal Neiger

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