Milim Lo Yordot B’mayim

מילים לא יורדות במים

An anti-cyberbuylling viral campaign promoting a line of temporary tattoos based on offensive words from across the web.

The campaign was led by social media teen influnceres.
They uploaded posts with the tattoos, a personal experience of cyberbullying and the hashtag- מילים_לא_יורדות_במים#
You can visit our instagram: @milimloyordot

This project was created with Inbal Gery, Tamar Ben-Joya, Barak Rubinowitz and Shaked Mizrahi.

We’ve created a t-shirt collection based on our tattoo design in collabration with TNT fashion brand for teens.

We’ve also collabrated with the “Israeli Scouts” youth movement. 
Specific educational activity dealing with cyberbullying through the tattoos and our campaign was conducted for young scouts all over Israel.

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