Love, Beauty and Planet

Starring actress Dar Zuzuvsky, this digital campaign celebrates Love, Beauty & Planet's commitment to sustainability.
Dar wanders through the beautiful coasts of Israel, showcasing the brand's eco-friendly products and their deep respect for the environment. Using Love, Beauty & Planet allows you to care for yourself while caring for the planet.

Digital brand awareness campaign for ‘Love, Beauty & Planet’, Unilever.
Mccann Tel Aviv
Director and creative director: Sharon Cohen
Social media creative director: Shira Idelson
Production company: KVC Studio
Cinematography: Beside
Offline: Raanan Fogel
Online: V01
Art: Harduf Rubin
Stills: Yaniv Edry
Style: Aline Zhidkov
Hair: Yaniv Zada
Makeup: Tali Power
Talent: Dar Zuzuvsky


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